About Nihon Sport

Valued customer and martial artist! Nihon Sport is an innovative company based in Helmond, the Netherlands. We are a specialist in martial arts and combat sports and we sell, distribute and manufacture the very best quality martial arts equipment, apparel and accessories. We have everything you need as an athlete, association or gym; from recreational to top athlete. We are the Benelux distributor of, among others, adidas martial arts, Arawaza, JC (JCalicu), Rhinoc Sport. All of them global top brands! Inspired by the martial arts, we also founded the Nihon brand. The initiators are Peter and Jan Wetzer (†). In 2007, after two years of research, development and testing, they launched a brand that is innovative and of high quality. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is visible in all Nihon products. Nihon Sport will continue to innovate and improve products to offer the best quality in combination with excellent service.

Our specialty is customizing almost our entire range. Do you want your own suits, shirts, shorts, gloves, pads, punching bags or teamwear? Exclusively made to your own design? Without a price surcharge? Then you have come to the right place. This is already possible in small numbers!

We proudly present our team. All of them are passionate and knowledgeable employees who are happy to help you with commitment, dedication and knowledge. At you service!

Peter Wetzer

peter @ nihonsport.nl

Bertie Wetzer
Financiële administratie

bertie @ nihonsport.nl

Ron Smits
Commercieel medewerker & logistiek

ron @ nihonsport.nl

Berry Beekhuizen

berry @ nihonsport.nl

Ramon Aarts

ramon @ nihonsport.nl

Frank Vincken

frank @ nihonsport.nl

Bart Vandeursen

bart @ nihonsport.nl

Sabine Schrander
Algemeen medewerkster

contact @ nihonsport.nl

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At Nihon, we support the continuous development and improvement of our products in order to meet the customer in all aspects.

We welcome any feedback on our efforts to achieve these goals. Regardless of whether you are visiting for the first time or are a regular customer.

We strive to optimally serve our customers, who all have unparalleled experience, knowledge and expertise.

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