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Now tell me, isn’t this baby judo suit too cute for words? Yes right? It makes any newborn irresistible! And you know: young is learned … yes.

About Baby Gi’s judo suit:

  • size 60
  • white
  • waffled cotton gi
  • orange shoulder logo’s Nihon

  • complete suit with judo belt

Original to give, great to receive

With this waffled cotton white judogi for babies you can turn every newborn into a cool judoka, jiu-jitsuka or aikidoka. The Baby Gi is an original baby shower gift to give and a nice surprise to receive. As a bonus with your order you will receive a matching judo belt as a gift. This makes the Baby Gi of the apple of your eye (or your maternity gift) complete and the little one can immediately go on the mat.


Do you have already seen the < a href="">pink Baby Gi and the blue baby judo suit?

Choose Nihon and:

  • Feel how the passion for martial arts meets the perfection of the designers in the Nihon line.
  • Experience how top quality goes together with a friendly price.
  • Personalise your martial arts attire.

Nihon: Personal, Passion, Perfection

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