Empty (unfilled) punching bag Nihon | black


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You fill this empty or unfilled punching bag from Nihon according to your own needs. As long as the base is good and solid. And that is what this punching bag definitely is!

About this unfilled punching bag:

  • available in 120, 150 and 180 cm
  • PU synthetic leather
  • including galvanized chains and swivel (rotating ring)

Please note! The design of your punching bag may differ from the photo

Give your empty punching bag the filling you are looking for

fill this empty punching bag up with the separately available punching bag filling . Once filled, you have an effective training buddy to which you can unleash all kicking and punching techniques . You can attach the punching bag to a fixed or collapsible ceiling or wall support using the materials supplied. If you prefer a ready-made copy, check out the filled punching bags .

Tip : protect your filled punching bag with this special punching bag ring .

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