Filled boxing bag Nihon | black




This filled punching bag is an absolute winner! It is completely safe to use at home or at the gym. No other can compete with that.


  • 70 x 30 cm (& plusmn; 16 kg)
  • 100 x 35 cm (& plusmn; 20 kg)
  • 120 x 35 cm (& plusmn; 27 kg)
  • 150 x 35 cm (& plusmn; 30 kg)
  • 180 x 35 cm (& plusmn; 40 kg)
  • PU synthetic leather
  • even shredded fabric filling
  • including galvanized chains and swivel (rotating ring)
  • punching bag printing may differ from the photo

PLEASE NOTE! The design of the punching bag may differ from the photo.

Different shipping costs and delivery times apply to punching bags. For more information, advice or specific costs, please contact Nihon: 0492 520227 or .

What a well-stocked punching bag!

The filling of punching bags has been scanned for the presence of unwanted materials (glass and metal). That makes the kick and punch bags completely safe to use. Attach your filled punching bag securely to a ceiling or wall mount.

Tip : protect this training buddy with a special ring .

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