Gronddummy voor elke (vechtsport)training Nihon | zwart


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A ground dummy as an ideal training companion. A supple lightweight who is always up for a workout, never complains and improves your fitness and techniques.

About this ground dummy:

  • for grappling, other martial arts or a total workout
  • for beginners and advanced
  • training anywhere, anytime
  • weight 4.6 kg, 137 x 68 x 20/28 cm

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This training buddy never complains

The ground dummy is a lot lighter than a punching bag or grappling dummy and therefore more flexible , more multifunctional and more practical to use. From a standing position you move on to the ground techniques, switching from left to right quickly, smoothly and dexterously. This makes the floor dummy ideal for any body workout: you combine conditioning exercises with strength, flexibility, coordination, speed and self-defense techniques. The dummy knows how to handle things and never complains.

Tip: the dummy has been developed in collaboration with. MATCH They regularly post training videos on YouTube and also offer guest lectures and courses.< /p>

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