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Judo suit Nihon Meiyo is extremely suitable for (competition) judoka’s, aikidoka’s, jiu-jitsuka’s and their teachers who want an extra smooth and comfortable gi.

About judo suit Nihon Meiyo:

  • bodyfit fit
  • firm waffle cotton (750 g/m2)
  • firm back seam
  • wider lapel

  • extra suppleness
  • extra reinforcement on the seams, knees and elbows
  • TIP: your height is your (maximum) pack size
  • ten-year guarantee on the seams
  • including matching backpack

For the discerning budoka

Judo suit Nihon Meiyo is a comfortable, flexible judo suit. This judogiis lighter than Nihon Gi and heavier in quality than Nihon Rei. The orange-colored Nihon shoulder logos are elegantly stitched into the suit, as are the Japanese embroidery on the sleeve and pants. The inside of the lapel is finished with a non-abrasive soft fabric. Nihon treats all fabrics with special washing and shrinking programs. That means your suit hardly shrinks.

Choose Nihon and:

  • Feel how the passion for martial arts and the perfection of the designers come together in the Nihon line.< /li>
  • Experience how top quality goes together with a friendly price.
  • Personalise your martial arts clothing.

Nihon: Personal, Passion, Perfection< /em>

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