Koelijzer (ice end-swell) Nihon | professioneel


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This cool iron will battle any swelling incurred during combat. It will patch up any athlete and be the coolest present in any ring corner.

Good to know:

  • stainless steel with PVC coating
  • red
  • diameter: 47 mm
  • ice compartment with screw cap

The professional Nihon cooling iron: the best ice cold!

This professional ice end swell has an integrated ice compartment made of polished stainless steel. You fill the compartment via the screw cap and cool it in a freezer compartment. After that, the device remains cold for a long time and can be used immediately during any martial-arts match. With this ice and ice-cold iron you treat any swelling in a targeted, fast and effective way. The plastic non-slip handles make it practical to use: it offers a firm hold and does not slip. The easily manoeuvrable instrument does not take up much space, so you can place it very accurately. And that benefits the treatment of your swelling. In short, this professional cooling iron from Nihon fits perfectly with an optimally equipped ring corner! By the way, have you already seen our ice cream gels 

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