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Metal key ring with judo characters on it. Great for your key ring or backpack!

The Japanese characters for judo are immortalized in this elegant metal key ring. Nice to hang on your keys or to decorate your sports bag.

Keep your keys firmly in the grip

This metal key ring does not leave mess around. He does justice to the Japanese judo characters. He easily puts your key ring in the grip or actually on the ring and he never lets go of them. Unless you want to. Would you rather let this beautiful metal keychain with judo in Japanese shine in its elegance? Then use it to decorate your sports bag, for example. Always carry it with you.

Choose Nihon and:

  • Feel how the passion for martial arts and the perfection of the designers come together in the Nihon line.
  • Experience how top quality goes together with a friendly price.
  • Personalise your martial arts clothing.

Nihon: Personal, Passion, Perfection< /em>

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