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Judo suit Nihon Rei has been the most popular judo suit for children and recreational users for years. Why? Because it feels like a real judo suit: firmer, light and supple.

Judo suit Nihon Rei for children and recreational users:

  • suitable for judo, jiu-jitsu and aikido
  • firm waffle cotton (475 g/m2)
  • extra white
  • TIP: round your height to top for the right size
  • pre-washed and pre-shrunk
  • including white judo belt

Experience the budo feeling in this waffled gi

This waffle cotton judo suit feels like a real budo-gi. With the great advantage over the smooth cotton Makoto judo suit for children and recreational users that the judo suit Nihon Rei shrinks slightly, but not much.  The orange-colored Nihon shoulder logos are elegantly stitched into the suit, as are the Japanese embroidery on the sleeve and pants. If you order this judo uniform you will receive a free judo belt. With that, your judo outfit is complete and you can immediately hit the mat!

PLEASE NOTE there is now a Nihon Rei 2.0 This Rei suit is running out. For the 2.0 suit click here

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