Kumi-kata klimtouw Nihon | blauw | diverse lengtes



Exercise your forearms and shoulders and strengthen your grip with this kumi-kata climbing rope. Entirely made of judo suit fabric for the most accurate possible judo wrap.

The Nihon kumi-kata climbing rope:

  • training of your (lower) arms, shoulders and grip
  • blue judo suit fabric
  • 25 cm wide
  • 60, 170, 300, 400 or 500 cm long
  • 100% cotton
  • Grab, hold on and start climbing!

    Train your grip and judo pack on a (deci) meter long judo sleeve, a lot it doesn’t get any more realistic. Because this climbing rope is completely made of the sturdy blue judo suit fabric, so that your grip really mimics reality. You attach this kumi-kata climbing rope to the ceiling via the applied rings. Or, even more convenient, you slide this climbing sleeve around an existing climbing rope, after which you secure the cover via the rings. Is the sleeve too long? No problem, you can easily shorten or entertain it.

    Choose Nihon and:

    • Feel how the passion for martial arts and the perfection of the designers come together in the Nihon line.
    • Experience how top quality goes together with a friendly price.
    • Personalise your martial arts clothing.

    Nihon: Personal, Passion, Perfection

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