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If you don’t want to expose your boxing gloves directly to your sweaty hands, these inner gloves or inner gloves for (kick) boxers are the perfect solution.

Helpful facts:

  • boxing mitts (without fingers)
  • one size one size fits all
  • Velcro closure

Ideal inner glove for any boxing glove

These liners are ideal if you use the common boxing gloves of your gym. You keep your own hands hygienically clean and you do not share your perspiration with the following users. These inner gloves have no fingers and are made of flexible and moisture-absorbing material. They are fine boxing mitts who know about mitts. During any training or boxing class.

Choose Nihon and:

  • Feel how the passion for martial arts and the perfection of the designers come together in the Nihon line.
  • Experience how top quality goes together with a friendly price.
  • Personalise your martial arts clothing.

Nihon: Personal, Passion, Perfection

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