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Show the outside world how you adore the budo sports with these blue mini judogi. Hang it in your car, in front of your window or in another conspicuous place.

Nice, right?

It doesn’t get any smaller than this. This miniature judo suit is about 10 centimeters tall. A nice model to hang in a visible place so that everyone can and can see how you practice judo, aikido, jiujitsu or another budo sport. However mini this judogi is, it just seems real. With the waffle fabric, the judo belt and the Nihon logo.

Choose Nihon and:

  • Feel how the passion for martial arts and the perfection of the designers come together in the Nihon line.
  • Experience how top quality goes together with a friendly price.
  • Personalise your martial arts clothing.

Nihon: Personal, Passion, Perfection

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